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How well is your website performing? BB026

April 03, 2018

Let’s take a look at your brewery website with Craftpeak

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Your website is one of the most important and most available places customers will find you to learn about your beer and brand. If someone is visiting your town, chances are, they are going to scroll through Google listings to discover your brewery.

For a number of reasons, websites often become neglected, or in some ways an afterthought. Why might that be? Well, some common reasons seem to be budget, man-power, complexity, or a poorly designed or outdated website that is hard to maintain. I hope this episode will shed some light on why your website is one of your most valuable assets in representing your brewery and some ways that you can audit your current website experience.

This interview can get a bit technical, because website definitely are, but there are some valuable ideas and strategies to consider. There are some DIY tools and tips for analyzing and improving your website that we will discuss. If anything, I hope you take away enough insight to reach out to a professional for assistance in building up your web presence.

I am joined by a super sharp web technology team, Craftpeak, who has narrowed their specialty to the craft beer market. If you follow their Instagram account, you will see they live and breathe beer. We’ll discuss your branding and content, managing your website, how you are placing on Google search, and more on this episode of branding brews.

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