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Trademark for Logos and Graphics – BB023

February 02, 2018

Trademark for Logos and Graphics with Chris Gartman, Head Brewer and IP Attorney

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One of our more popular episodes recently covered aspects of legal trademarks around naming. I wanted to follow up that episode with another interview focused on logo, trade dress, and visual graphic trademark.

In recent news here in Portland, Oregon, there was a logo trademark battle between Old Town Brewing and the city of Portland that caught big attention in the local brewing community. With the rallying support of the community, Old Town was able to settle and solve the dispute, but this ordeal proved to be a case for getting a logo trademarked.

I’m sure most of us aren’t legal experts and focus on areas of brewing, marketing, design and branding, so I reached out to Chris Gartman who is not only a head brewer, but also an IP attorney.

There are lots on intricacies and legal terminology to dissect and I think Chris does a great job of breaking this down into understandable and more common language.

Join us as we discuss trademarks for logos, labels, trade dress and more on this episode of Branding Brews!

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