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Social Media Planning – Leah Kuck – BB006

June 01, 2017

Social Media Planning and Tools with Leah Kuck of Terrapin Beer Co.

Leah Kuck is the Social Media and PR Specialist for Terrapin Beer Co.

Find Leah online

Twitter: @crftbeerproject // Instagram: @craftbeerproject

Leah likes to be social and has found a way to bring those skills of social media expertise to Terrapin Beer Co. We chat about the importance of the social media platforms that a beer brand should participate in. Leah talks about ways to streamline your social media strategy, setup content planning schedules, use social media tools and applications to help out your workload, and some other general tips on social media for breweries and beer brands. Here are just a few takeaways, tips and useful links.

Leah breaks down the social platforms into the Big 3 and Little 3. Big 3 are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Little 3 are Untappd, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All social platforms are important and good to be active on, but the Big 3 are most important.

Plan out your week of content and social media posts and then schedule them into one of the posting tools listed below. Leah likes to look at things going on and then plan content and posts on Monday and Friday of each week.

Useful tools for social media management:

Coschedule – various marketing and social tools

Hootsuite – social post tools

Buffer – social post tools

Spredfast – content marketing and social tool

Instagram bio link tool


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