Session – BB009

July 20, 2017

A closer look at creating personalized connections

Look at what you might be able to utilize or use from resources you already have.

Crowlers? You can possibly create a series of unique labels and create special invitations or special labels

Tap into your local community, being involved and active with your community is really important for a beer brand.

  • Make sure to stay connected with everyone that has assisted with getting your brewery off the ground.
  • Utilize the connections and friend circles that all of your team members have.
  • Stay connected with your audience on social media, especially ones that engage with you on posts.

Create a VIP experience

  • Can possibly look at creating a VIP access or special experience for select guests. Maybe this can be early entry to the party, access to meet the brewer or owners, special brewery tour, access to special select beers.
  • If this is a paid entry for VIP, why not giveaway some of these tickets to engaged community members?  When you can surprise and giveaway free things to your customers or audience, this will make them excited and make them feel more connected with your brand. They would likely be sharing this experience with their friends and will talk about how awesome your brewery is.

The idea is that you want to create personal connections and make people feel connected to your brewery. From that point, people will be much more likely to be brand ambassadors for your brewery, and will gladly talk about your brewery in a positive way with their friends and networks.

Write hand written notes or thank you notes

Live tweeting or live social media engagement.

  • They call it live because you are being attentive and connected on your social channels in real-time.
  • You can search for folks posting about beer or breweries in your local area and then engage with them.
  • If you have a hashtag that might be used, keep monitoring this tag so you can engage with these folks posting about you.
  • Respond and stay connected with your online community!
    • respond to mentions as much as you can. Make your audience know and feel like there is a real person behind your brewery brand’s social accounts.
    • People are often used to not having real engagements with brands online. When they get responses and personalized responses, it really makes them feel connected

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