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Rebranding – Jason Roberson – BB004

May 03, 2017

Rebranding a Brewery, Large or Small

Jason Roberson is a freelance craft beer designer and was also the Art Director for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for 11 years

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How do you know if you should rebrand?

Go take a look at your packaging on the shelves, how does it compare to the other packages and labels out there?

Great way to experiment and dial in a new brand refresh is to design a new, or redesign an existing specialty release series and see how it goes over.

Keep track of all the vendors, printable materials, packaging and labels, and all marketing materials AND how much lead time each one takes to produce (some items might take much longer to get produced, this could really delay a rebrand launch). Having this documented will really help you when you need to push out all new rebranded products.

Hiring a new designer or design agency for your rebranding

Make sure you know if you will own the work created, or will need to buy the copyright after.

Freelancers or smaller agencies often include the ownership of work produced in costs.

Looking to hire a designer – sources:

(search “beer” or similar to filter designers)



Also, feel free to reach out to Jason for his design expertise, or contact me to learn more about my craft beer branding and design services!

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