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May 03, 2017

Promotional Material Design for your Beers

Alex Ponce is a freelance designer and spent some time as an in-house designer for Stone Brewing.

Find Alex Ponce  //  Instagram: APCreative_  //  Twitter: alex_sayss

If you have a tighter budget, spend more time and money on your labels. Those are important!

Sales Sheets

Look professional and present your brewery brand well. Putting all your UPC barcodes on them makes it easy for retailers to know about your beer and scan them quick. You can multi-use these sales sheets, they can be placed on tables or in front of jockey-box when pouring at events. More bang for your buck!

Shelf Talkers

Keep them simple and descriptive. Think of a billboard, people will pass by them quick. Descriptive words about the beer taste can help entice people in.

April Fools joke by Stone Brewing

Sample of Stone’s Beer Calendar

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