Your Portfolio’s Role in Branding with Michael Kiser – BB019

December 01, 2017

Your Portfolio’s Role in Branding with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting

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How does your beer portfolio connect with and represent your brand. Does your branding speak to and set up the right expectations for your beer portfolio?

There are many elements and ways that a brand will come to life and play a role in your customer’s eyes. Indeed having a strong and unique visual brand are of utmost importance, but your beer must be connected with that brand experience.

Having a brand experience that will setup expectations for your customers can create a recipe for success. If you position yourself well with your branding, your audience can be warmed up to what kind of beer they are about to drink and result in a stronger connection. If you are able to frame your brewery and your positioning around the beers, and have an awesome and well designed experience, expectations can be met and things like beer style trends or even preferences may not be as important.

There’s no doubt that your beers will evolve over time, and your brand efforts should continue to live and grow as well. It’s important to keep your branding up front and center in the same way you that you constantly focus on your beer.

Michael Kiser with Good Beer Hunting has been writing about, drinking and focusing on beer for almost a decade. His background as an innovation strategist for products like Nike, Samsung, HP, and Adobe, paired with his passion for beer has created a great platform for Good Beer Hunting.

Listen in as Kiser and I get into how your brewery’s portfolio should play a role in your branding and how your branding connects customers to your beer in this episode of Branding Brews.

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