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Point of Sale with The Alison Group – BB029

June 25, 2018

Designing and producing point of sale items

When it comes to promoting your brand, especially when you’re distributing, tap handles are a crucial element. The Alison Group has joined our show before to discuss designing and producing tap handles, but they also design and produce a wide variety of point of sale items that can also promote your brand outside of your brewery or taproom.

From metal tackers, to displays and signs, the possibility is almost endless when it comes to design and bringing your brand to life with the physical products.

Budget is always a concern, and I am always a fan of creating more than one use for any design or product you create. Breweries have found a lot of success when it comes to selling apparel and merchandise at their breweries, and some of these POS items can be sold as merchandise or be used in your event booth setups.

Jeff Schweiger with the Alison Group talks with us about some of the options for POS items on this episode of Branding Brews.

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