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Philanthropy in your brewery branding – BB022

January 18, 2018

Ex Novo brewing and philanthropy in your brewery branding

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Website: exnovobrew.com // Twitter: @ExNovoBrew // Instagram: @ExNovoBrew

Many breweries, to varying degrees, give back to their community. Ex Novo has made this their core foundation and built their brewery business on philanthropy.

Joel Gregory had a passion for brewing and also for supporting his community and causes in need. One avenue he could have taken was getting into the world of non-profits, but the idea of constant fund raising was not overly appealing.

His idea? Start a brewery as a non-profit where he can not only combine his passions, but also use beer as the method for raising money to donate. This had the benefit of allowing him to work at his passion of brewing great beer and not have to spend countless hours raising money for causes he cares about.

Joel’s brewery, Ex Novo, has since moved away from the non-profit designation and is now setup as a Benefit Company in Oregon. This move has allowed for some beneficial business aspects, while still giving 100% of profits to good causes.

Listen in as Joel goes into detail about why he started his brewery with the idea giving back, and all the nitty-gritty details of running a brewery and brand with this in mind. Philanthropy is the topic for this episode of Branding Brews.

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