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Perceived Quality through Beer Branding – BB028

May 25, 2018

Perceived Quality through Branding with Nick Longo

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One topic I have been into lately is the perceived quality of your beer, or brewery, based on its branding.

Your potential customers will judge your ability to provide quality beer based on your branding and brand identity. Also, customers are more likely to purchase products from a brewery that has a polished and legitimate brand.

If you brew quality beer, having bad branding can create a conflicting message, or bad impression to your customers. On the opposite end of that spectrum, good and consistent branding can create loyal customers and better brand awareness.

How you approach your branding can have a direct impact on the perceived quality of your beer and brewery.

There are many approaches and techniques to strengthen you brand, and it can be overwhelming to go down that rabbit hole. You can of course partner with someone to help build and maintain your brand, or if you are mindful of branding, can take some of these things into your own hands. I think you can build yourself a stronger brand foundation buy just being aware, creating some structure or guidelines for your brand, and one of the biggest things…being consistent.

This episode is exciting because it marks the one-year anniversary for Branding Brews. I have invited back Nick Longo from Longo Designs to discuss with us the idea of perceived quality. Nick always has great insight, is well spoken, and has been a guest and supporter of this show since day one.

Let’s dig into some ways you can build a stronger brand with a higher perceived quality on this episode of Branding Brews.

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