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Old Town Brewing rebrand with Jordan Wilson

March 08, 2019

Rebranding Old Town Brewing with Jordan Wilson

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Web: jordanwilsondesigns.com

Carrying on with the topic of rebrands, this episode is looking at a very successful rebrand for Old Town brewing.

You’ve might of heard of Old Town through a trademark dispute that the brewery got into with the city of Portland. That in itself is an interesting story with a happy ending, but the rebranding done by my good friend, Jordan Wilson, really has elevated Old Town in a number of ways.

We dig into the how and why Old Town decided to approach a rebrand. As with any brewery that might struggle to keep up with the ever-changing market, Jordan and Old Town jumped into this rebrand to create a label and branding system that would allow them to be more nimble with their beer releases. The rebrand also brought more attention to the Old Town brand as well, establishing more of a connection with their customers.

Besides an amazing rebrand, they have gone all in creating captivating and entertaining videos and photography for their products.

The result of all their work saw overall beer sales increase by over 50%  Merchandise sales are up 70% and community involvement and promotional requests have dramatically increased.

Listen in as Jordan and I dig into his rebranding project and branding efforts for Old Town, on this episode of Branding Brews.

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