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Ninkasi Artist in Residence – BB013

September 16, 2017

Nick Yarger, Creative Director, talks with us about an unique artist in residence program.

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Website: nickyarger.com  //  Instagram: @tortilla_press_studio

In many ways, brewing beer shares many similarities to visual art. It’s a process that takes creative thinking, learned skills, refinement and feedback to create a masterpiece. Artists, designers and illustrators can take the experience of any given beer and create visuals and branding design work that reflects the craft and taste of that beer.

For most breweries, getting this kind of creative work done for their branding usually goes in the way of hiring contracted artists. This can have many great benefits, but can also be a challenge.

Often times the artist is not local to your brewery, so you have to work with them remotely or out of your physical location.

Ninkasi Brewing Company found a great way of integrating artists into their company and in-house design department. They created an artist in residence program that allows for a more intimate and a bit more solidified structure for working with artists.

Nick Yarger, the creative director for Ninkasi brewing took some time to talk with me all about the unique aspects and benefits of having an artist in residence program on this episode of branding brews.

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Ninkasi Artist in Residence

Neal Williams – Illustrator

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