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June 30, 2017

Building a strong brand system with none in place, with Ethan Silva

Ethan Silva is a graphic designer that started out doing work in the music industry and recently joined full-time with Small Town Brewery, a brand owned by Pabst.

Find Ethan online:

Website: iamethansilva.com  //  Twitter: @iamethansilva  //  Instagram:  @iamethansilva

Not all breweries or businesses expect, or plan for explosive growth. It can also be very tempting – and easy – to plan for the bare minimum needs because of budget concerns.

What happens with a beer brand when it catches fire and does way better than expected?

How does a bootstrapped brewery, marketing, and design team keep up?

Well…it’s not exactly easy. And, it’s all the more reason for why it’s really important to invest even a little bit more in the early stages to put together a solid brand system.

A good system will have all the brand elements like visual style, various brand logo uses, color systems, uses of typography and more all planned out for successful implementation.

Small Town Brewery exploded with great success, but only had minimal branding design for their product. They were then faced with the needs to release new labels while somewhat creating a cohesive brand as they went.

Links mentioned on the show:

Examples of file naming systems for better organization.

Sample 1

Sample 2

File versioning. This works similar to versioning systems for web design. Versions of your design files are archived in this kind of system. If you happen to totally mess up and overwrite your design file, you can go back to previous versions to recover your good design file.

Folio for Mac

Dropbox – you are able to pull up previous versions of files

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