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New Belgium Specialty Brands – BB039

April 05, 2019

New Belgium Specialty Brands with Andrew Emerton

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Twitter: @andwoo

One topic we’ve yet to dive into, is what the role of specialty brands play in your portfolio and overall brand. There are so many decisions you can ponder when it comes to branding and marketing these beers.

How elevated do you go?
Do you want to be known has a brewery with elevated brands and higher price tags?
How do you relate these labels to your core lineup and the branding of your brewery?
I think the questions could go on…

I’ve been following Andrew Emerton, the Specialty Brand Manager for New Belgium Brewing on Twitter. He’s been active in the Twitter beer community and its been fun to follow.

In this interview, we dig into the role that specialty brands play at New Belgium. What is the strategy in branding and marketing for the specialty beers they offer. What are the goals that New Belgium has around their specialty brands.

Andrew is a smart dude with a history in the beer game. I hope you enjoy the conversation we had. Kick back and listen as Andrew Emerton speaks some brand knowledge on this episode of Branding Brews.

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