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Market Research with DataQuencher – BB034

October 16, 2018

Craft Beer Market Research with DataQuencher

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As part of an industry that is creating a product for consumers, having insights behind those consumers can really help drive decisions, marketing, and of course your branding efforts.

How aware are consumers of your brand, in your area?

What kind of thoughts come to your customer’s mind when they hear your name?

What are their political leanings?

What kind of beers do they drink based on their lifestyle?

Hopefully you are talking with customers and trying to extract insights that you can use to help drive your business. You can, of course, keep a pulse on what’s going on with your customers through Untappd or other review sites like Yelp or Google. These are all very helpful, but imagine pulling large amounts of this kind of data from a variety of craft beer consumers in your area.

Rob Cartwright, Co-Founder of DataQuencher, comes from a background of market research. Rob took his passion for craft beer and decided to start his  own business providing market research for the craft beer space. Let’s dig into some interesting insights and learn more about the beer market on this episode of Branding Brews.

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