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Managing Brand Assets with Brandfolder – BB036

January 17, 2019

Using Brandfolder to manage your beer brand assets

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Web: brandfolder.com

We’ve talked on this show before about the importance of having a brand or media kit easily accessible. There are a number of ways to manage this, but there is a specific platform, Brandfolder, that was made just for this purpose.

There can be a large number of assets that you need to manage as a brand. Logos, sales sheets, UPC codes, photography, point of sale and retail graphics, plus more. As a designer that creates many of these items, and needs to manage these assets in folders, it can become a challenging task to stay organized and up to date.

Not only does organizing this stuff become daunting, so does distributing them. With Brandfolder, you can create special kits, containing items of your choice, that can be made just for certain needs. Have a kit for retailers, distributors, a kit for your sales team, press kit, a brand kit, or any other collection of assets you need distribute.

Today we are joined by Luke Beatty, who is the CEO of Brandfolder, and has lots of insights on brewery brand management through a number of breweries that use his platform.

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