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Label Printing – Scott McKean of Best Label – BB014

October 03, 2017

Pressure Sensitive Label Printing Techniques, Ideas, and Tips.

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When it comes to getting your branding and artwork out to the public and on shelves, getting labels printed and applied are one of the exciting parts of the process.

Pressure sensitive labels, along with current print technologies, have really opened up new possibilities when it comes labeling. These labels allow breweries to produce shorter runs of labels, which can reduce costs, and allow you to test your labels in the market with less up-front investment. Also, this can allow you to release smaller quantities of certain beers that you may not have considered in the past.

These pressure sensitive labels and printing techniques also open the door for numerous unique styles of labels regarding colors and other special printing effects. Anything you can put in your tool belt when it comes to presenting your brand visuals is a big plus and standing out on the shelf is of high importance.

On this episode, we are going to explore some great ideas and tips on how you can create unique looking labels. Scott McKean, who works for Best Label, joins us to discuss current trends and ideas for pressure sensitive labels on this episode of Branding Brews.

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