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Label Materials – BB025

March 20, 2018

Label materials with Alex Kidd of Avery Dennison

Often when it comes to creating a new label, the first place you start is with the design. The general look and feel, colors, typography, images, and content. These, of course, are must haves for a great label. In the earlier stages, have you ever considered starting with the label material?

There are a wide variety of materials that you can print on that can help your product stand out on the shelf. Label materials like cotton, wood veneer, recycled, textured, and more can give your label a unique feel and look that people want to pick up and feel.

When you start by looking at materials, you can be inspired to take your label design in a whole new direction. The label material creates the background and a “base” look for what the label design will go on.

Where should you start with new and fun label materials? If you haven’t explored this already, your label printer should be able to show you paper or material swatchbooks. Otherwise, label manufacturers like Avery Dennison can be your go-to source for researching swatchbooks.

Alex Kidd, Creative Design Manager at Avery Dennison joins us to talk about label materials for your next label project, on this episode of Branding Brews.

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