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Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market – BB021

January 08, 2018

Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market with Carla Jean Lauter

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Website: thebeerbabe.com // Twitter: @beerbabe

Beer doesn’t see race, gender, sexual orientation or class. When it comes to branding and marketing, why not take an extra effort to make sure you are being inclusive and reaching a larger audience in a positive way. Inclusivity doesn’t stop at how your customer perceives your packaging and visual branding, but it also is the environment in your brewery and your employee culture.

Customers are seeking genuine and authentic brands that represent real and positive values. They want to connect with and believe in the the breweries they visit and the beer they drink.

Women are an increasing market to craft beer consumption, but also are taking more roles in the beer industry. Craft beer took an opportunity to move away from the sex sells marketing and branding strategies of the older big beer brands and provide products that are unique and can stand out based on quality of the liquid.

We’re going to cover how inclusivity can benefit not only your brand, but the craft beer industry as a whole. With so many breweries opening their doors, it’s important that we’re looking forward and trying to reach and connect with larger audiences and communities. Carla Jean Lauter has been passionate about this topic and has been very active online, engaging other breweries and fans. Carla joins us today to talk inclusivity in the beer market, on this episode of Branding Brews.

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