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Hiring for Branding & Design Help – Joseph Szala – BB011

August 16, 2017

Who, when, why, and how should you hire for branding and design help?

With Joseph Szala of Vigor Branding

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There’s no question that today’s beer market is bigger than ever. Not only are there more breweries to compete with, but today’s beer drinkers are also more savvy and complex.

It’s important that you can stand out amongst the crowd and that you have a clear and unique brand.

In order to accomplish this, you likely need the assistance of a professional branding and design expert. One big question, or possible trouble, is how, where, and when do you hire for this help?

There is a lot that goes into finding a valuable partnership when it comes to working with someone on your brand. Having a good partnership can really help your brewery and brand grow in ways you may not have imagined.

If your starting a new brewery, at what point in planning do you bring on this branding expert?

If you are a brewery already pouring liquid, do you need to take look at how your brand has evolved? Do you possibly need to bring on someone new to assess your brand and help elevate your brewery?

There is a lot that goes into hiring a designer or agency to help you out. Many people do not have extensive experience working with a designer. Where do I start looking for this help? What should I have prepared to help get started in this process? What should I expect and look for when hiring?

Joseph Szala from Vigor Branding has deep experience when it comes to food and beverage branding. Joseph joins us to help shed some light on finding, hiring, and working with branding experts on this episode of branding brews.

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