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Design for Beer Labels – BB031

August 08, 2018

Design for Beer Labels with Adam Feller

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Web: aviditycreative.com // Podcast: Food Business Podcast

To continue the conversation on beer label design and branding, today we’re going to dive a bit more into planning content and design elements for your labels and packaging.

When you are creating new labels and packaging, there are lots of things to consider. What messaging should go on the label, placement and size of branding elements like your logo, how to utilize colors, and more.

In previous episodes, we’ve discussed planning content for your labels, also tips and ideas for creative printing and label production techniques. This time around, I am having a conversation with another creative on covering many aspects of making new labels and packaging.

Adam Feller, designer and owner of Avidity Creative, also host of the Food Business Podcast, joins us to discuss strategy of label and packaging design on this episode of Branding Brews

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