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December 19, 2017

Creating a Content Calendar for the New Year with Emily Hutto.

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Content, content, content.

An all too often afterthought, but yet plays an integral role in how your brand is represented across many channels.

Content presented from your packaging, marketing and press materials, social media and your website all come together to bring your brand to life. Since we are about to start a new year, now is a great time to take audit of your content and take a look at creating a content calendar for the new year.

What should go into planning and building a new content calendar? Well, it would be of great benefit to start analyzing all of your visible marketing materials and online presence. This would cover not only the copy on your website or social media posts, but also building a strong library of visual assets such as photos, videos, and also revisiting the content of your brand guidelines and also your media kit.

Your website can play an integral role for any customer before they reach your taproom. It’s vital that you   stay up to date on your website content from your beer releases, general brewery information, to events and blog posts. Being active on your website, by way of a blog or similar ways of posting information, can provide a great place to have engaging content that can create stories and connections that will strengthen your brand.

RadCraft is co-op resource providing communications support, social media, marketing and consulting. Emily Hutto started her career as a craft beer journalist and that eventually grew into providing breweries all sorts of communication services through RadCraft. Emily joined us to talk about starting out your new year by taking a good look at your content needs and planning for the future on this episode of Branding Brews.

Show notes and links

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