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Communicating Effectively with Jeff Alworth – BB033

October 03, 2018

Communicating Effectively with Jeff Alworth

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Web: beervanablog.com  //  Twitter: @Beervana

Communication is an essential part of promoting your beer and your brand. It’s a major part of how customers understand who you are. The stronger and more concise your communication is, the better your customers will understand your beer.

To communicate better, it’s important that everyone on your team knows and understands the solid identity behind your beer. If you ask your brewer, delivery driver, and marketing staff to explain your brand in one simple statement, would they say the same thing?

In branding and marketing, communication is huge. From your labels and packaging, sales sheets, website, email campaigns, and of course social media. As a writer and author, Jeff Alworth has a deep background when it comes to communicating. Along with his great website, Beervana: The Blog, Jeff has written a number of books on beer and cider. Join us today as Jeff digs into some fundamentals of communication on this episode of Branding Brews.

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