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Communicating Your Brand with Allagash – BB032

August 30, 2018

Communicating your brand story with Jeff Pillet-Shore of Allagash Brewing Company

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Website: allagash.com // Instagram: @allagashbrewing // Twitter: @allagashbrewing

There are many ways you communicate your brand, your values, and your story. Through your Intstagram feed, website, blog posts, videos, and of course through your beer.

I’ve always been drawn to the Allagash brand because of how well they tell there story through so many touchpoints. They first drew my deeper attention from their amazing photography, but as I learned more about them, I really enjoyed how they tell their story using beer profiles, blog posts, and informational pages on their website.

Allagash cares about the details, it’s all about making everything count and making it positive. They take the approach of using Instagram and their website as a virtual tasting room and they are very keen to sharing stories. They realize that not every social media post is going to appeal to everyone, but they put importance on sharing values visually, with words, and video if possible.

Jeff Pillet-Shore from Allagash took some time to talk with us about their brand story, how every employee is apart of that story, and is excited to participate in that brand. Join us and Allagash Brewing Company today, to learn about communicating a brand story on Branding Brews. 

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