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CBC 2019 Brand Forward Seminar – BB040

May 07, 2019

Craft Brewers Conference 2019 – Brand Forward Seminar

As you probably have heard over the last few episodes, I have been working on a label branding seminar for the Craft Brewers Conference. Not only developing a seminar, but also participating in a special artist series for the CBC 2020 Commemorative Beer labels.

For this episode of Branding Brews, I will be sharing with you the audio recording of the Brand Forward seminar at CBC this year. There were some visual aids that went along with the seminar, but I think most of the ideas come through pretty well over audio. During the beginning of the seminar we view a video showing the 2020 label designs and the process work from each artist. If you would like to check out that video, head over to brandingbrews.com, go to the page for this episode and I will have that video in the show notes. Also, a special thanks to the Brewers Association for being so awesome and helpful for this seminar, and for providing the audio recording.

CBC 2020 Commemorative Beer Label Design Process Video

Brand Forward Video Screen

It was really great connecting with friends of the show in Denver. A shoutout to Mike Kanach, Chris Gartman, John and Julien from CraftPeak, and everyone else that stopped by to say hello. I’m truly honored to have made such great friends and community through this podcast.

And, speaking of friends and community, This podcast would not have made it this long without you. This episode is also special because it marks the two year anniversary of this show. We’re close to 50,000 total downloads which kind of blows my mind. I don’t ask often, but I would really appreciate if you can share this show with friends or colleagues. Also, if you would be willing to take a minute to rate and review this show that would also be super helpful.

Thanks for hanging around with me and listening to the show, it means a lot.

Let’s jump into the Brand Forward seminar, cheers.

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