Butts in Barstools with Market The Brew – BB018

November 21, 2017

Steve Schmidt, host of Market The Brew Podcast, talks with us about promotional ideas to keep customers coming back.

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A cold barstool is not a warm thought for brewery owners. Finding interesting and unique ways to bring customers into your taproom and keep them coming back can be challenging.

There are some successful ways for doing this like beer glass giveaways, mug clubs, brewery tours, or special beer flight offerings. In an effort to keep promotional efforts new and enticing, along with the ability to strengthen your brand and following, there are some great ways you can kick marketing efforts up to a new level.

Various ways of hosting VIP mug clubs or memberships can provide an opportunity to build a strong community around your brewery and brand. These clubs can also become great ways to get valuable feedback on new releases before going to market.

Being able to tell your brand story, along with stories behind your beers, in captivating and welcoming ways can help customers feel more connected to your beer. Having specialized tours or tasting events can bring people in and sometimes become brand ambassadors for your brewery.

In this episode, Steve Schmidt from Market The Brew podcast, joins us to talk about promotional ideas to keep people coming back. Let’s dig into various ways to bring butts to your barstools on this episode of Branding Brews.

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