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Branding with your Staff – BB047

November 25, 2019

Working with staff to build a stronger brand, with Jessica Ferrell

We’ve covered in past episodes the importance of your team in representing your brand. (Episode 41 – Year one with Blaker Brewing, Episode 10 – Building Teams for a Strong Brand)  There are so many aspects to developing and representing your brewery’s brand through your staff, I think that it is a topic worth exploring further.

Jessica Ferrell comes from a deep background in restaurant and brewery experience. Along with just starting her own consulting business, Jessica teaches Pub & Tasting Room Management through the Business of Craft Brewing certificate program at Portland State University. In this episode, Jessica gives us really solid foundations to delivering a great customer experience through easy to understand formulas. It was great to see the alignment between branding concepts and how these can be implemented in your taproom or brewery experience.

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