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Branding at Creature Comforts

March 01, 2018

Branding at Creature Comforts

Developing not only a visual brand system that functions well, but also a brand strategy can be a challenge, especially for younger breweries. How do you approach working with a designer or artist? What kind of ground work do you have laid out for the brand, how do you communicate that with your internal and external teams? How are you going to approach developing the brand into a strong system that will function and duplicate well?

With many breweries, this is quite a learning process that will evolve over time until you can catch a groove. Creature Comforts spent a lot of time and took a number of approaches to tackle these challenges. They’ve come to a great end result and process when it comes to branding their beers and putting out new releases.

I connected with Creature Comforts to discuss their can designs and branding system for these cans. Each beer release has unique artwork, but the brand system in place created a consistent look that says “Creature Comforts.” As we dug into the interview, we were able to get a good look at the process they took to get where they are at now, what they learned over time by working with various designers, and what they learned about developing their brand.

Chris Herron and David Stein from Creature Comforts joins us to discuss the ins-and-outs of developing their brand on this episode of branding brews.

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