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Brand Guidelines – BB027

May 01, 2018

Brand Systems and Guidelines with Joseph Szala

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In order to maintain a strong and consistent brand, having a good brand system and brand guidelines is an essential tool. It not only provides your internal team with a brand compass, but it is also a very valuable resource for media, vendors, and service providers. In any way possible, you want to be able to take control of your brand and not have it run away from you.

In terms of brewing, you can consider a brand guideline like a brewing recipe. If you want to have consistent, good beer, you will want to rely on a solid process and a recipe to follow. A good system and guideline will provide you with this recipe for a successful brand.

If you’ve been a scrappy startup and haven’t considered, or had the opportunity, to have a brand guideline, it’s not too late to get started! We dive into how you can take a brand audit by analyzing what your brewery is putting out to the world. There are definitely some great ways you can start analyzing and putting together some brand rules to live by.

Today we’re joined again by the very talented Joseph Szala of Vigor Branding. Joseph did a knock-out job on a previous episode, and we’re very excited to have him back.

Get your brand bearings, and learn all about the importance of brand guidelines on this episode of branding brews.

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