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Beer Membership Clubs with pFriem – BB046

November 04, 2019

Beer membership clubs with pFriem Family Brewers

Find pFriem: pfriembeer.com

Along with doing your own brewery events, I think utilizing a membership club is one of the best ways to market and brand your brewery. Whether you go more towards something like a mug club, or more towards the style of a wine club, you have an opportunity to connect more deeply with your core brand fanatics (or create them!) You can be sure that bringing someone closer to your brand will develop a stronger affinity, which can result in those folks being more of an advocate for your brand. Those that are closer to you and your brand will be sharing your beer and stories with their friends and acquaintances.

pFriem Family Brewers is a great case for building a wine club style membership. They have just launched this club and have been strategically organizing it to make sure they can run the club well. So far, they started the club with an invitation only process and are now starting to roll it out more to public. Join in with Michelle Humphrey of pFriem as we discuss the branding benefits that come from running a membership.

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