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Advantages of Custom Label Art – BB044

September 26, 2019

The transition and advantages of having custom label art, with Jessica Clare of Cleophus Quealy

I have worked with Cleophus over the last couple of years, and we just moved from a “wine” style label to doing custom artwork for each bottle release. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches and I was also curious about the timing and positioning to start creating custom labels for a smaller brewery.

Some key talking points:

  • Why using 750ml bottles work well for their brewery and branding
  • “Wine” style labels, just changing the name for each label
  • Why uniform labels cause confusion to customers
  • Does a membership club influence labels and beer release strategy?
  • When is it the time to create custom labels for each release?
  • The photogenic aspects of labels, social media and marketing imagery.
  • Merch tie-ins from label artwork
  • Collectibility, or creating a series of label art
  • Building buzz and selling more bottles by releasing more than one beer at a time.


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