Freshly Wrapped

An inside look at label branding strategy

This seminar was just featured at the CA Craft Beer Summit in Long Beach. We want to share this live presentation with everyone, provide the ability for more engagement, and a longer question and answer session!

In the months leading up to the CA Craft Beer Summit, two professional beer branding and design experts have been working with two breweries to develop a label brand strategy. Follow along in these real life case studies showing the process from start to finish. See how these labels come to life, the process of working through brand research and strategy to final label designs!

Live webinar presentation with guest participation in a lengthy question and answer session! More details on the registration page, click below. 

Are you a designer?

We’ve got a special session just for you.

Get an inside look at:

Branding and design for the beer industry
Designing beer packaging
Working with breweries
Developing stronger designs through branding strategies
+ Much more

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