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April 07, 2020

Working with Marketing In-House or External with Holly Amlin aka PDXBeerGirl

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In the past, we’ve discussed some ways to navigate working with internal and external teams. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages along with best scenario matches depending on your brewery size. Here’s a few points we touch on in this episode:

  • Hiring within…is that the best way?
  • Should  your front of house run marketing?
  • Best fit for your brewery, solo freelancer or agency
  • Finding help that knows the beer industry
  • COVID-19 – what is successful marketing and social right now

PDXBeerGirl is helmed by Holly Amlin, local beer writer, marketer, and social media influencer. Her aim is to make beer more accessible to the everyday craft beer drinker, especially women.

Holly has lived in Oregon the majority of her life, but decided to put down roots in Portland five years ago for a job doing web design and branding. She is now one of those nerds who documents her beer adventures, rides her bike when it’s sunny, cheers loud for the Timbers, cries about the last season of Game of Thrones, and explores new places as often as possible.

PDXBeerGirl came to life after a summer road trip to California in 2016, stopping and talking with breweries along the way. The journey made her realize just how welcoming the local beer industry was, which inspired the decision to start writing about her experiences. Holly has since covered all things beer: Brewery reviews, openings, new beers, events, and more. In addition, she has contributed to the Oregon Beer Growler,, and been featured in Men’s Health, “30 Female Beer Lovers You Must Follow on Instagram”.

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