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Untappd for Your Brewery – BB054

October 02, 2020

Using Untappd for Brewery Marketing with Jon Dispenza and Harrison Hickok


website: untappd.com  //  podcast: untappd.com/podcast

Untappd reaches a huge audience, so it only makes sense that breweries look at ways to utilize this platform to increase their marketing reach. I was stoked to make a connection with Jon and Harrison who both work at Untappd and also host the Drinking Socially Untappd Podcast. I figured these guys would be able to deliver some solid insights and advice for using Untappd for your brewery.

Talking Points:

  • What makes a label successful
  • Using social media channels alongside Untappd
  • Data and insights pulled from Untappd reviews
  • Using Untappd events for new beer releases
  • QR codes for touchless menu links
  • Effective ways for using digital beer menus


“Then there’s this classic approach where it’s centered around the label…have a very uniform label, maybe the color is different for each beer… maybe I haven’t had the IPA that is yellow from this brewery, I see it pop up off the shelf  and I want to check it out.” – HARRISON

“You’re going to have a profile…doesn’t matter if you’re on an island by Greece or in Detroit, someone is going to check in your beer…Just control that because it is an extension of your brand and if you do nothing more put a label on there, use it as a way to interact with people.” – JON

“There’s a space you can enter, on Untappd, where you can learn about your customers, about how the perceive your beer, about where they drink it “this is the best pool beer I’ve ever had” “this is my go-to beer for the summer” all of these anecdotes you can pull from it.”   – HARRISON

“You’re hitting maybe a larger audience…on Facebook with cool information on Untappd. At the same time making people that follow you on Untappd and Facebook feel like feel like they’re part of a bigger experience and now not every checkin is a checkin in a vacuum…Wherever beer fans, make sure they see you made a new beer” – JON

“…a lot of times it is new breweries just opening that are spending time pulling honeycombs out of beehives and writing beer names on that…and then by beer 50 they’re like ‘holy cow’ there are no more honeycombs…The business side of it kicks in and my taproom manager is already doing 20 things let’s not make harvesting bees be one of them, let’s set up a digital board” – HARRISON

“With beer releases, make it an event in Untappd. An event in Untappd is unique in that everyone can see them… People are going to see those pop up in their phone. Those events are linkable, right now if you have an online store or you require people to reserve a spot…You can link inside an Untappd event to whatever space they need to go to make that order. Someone is now a click away on their phone from supporting you.” – HARRISON

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