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Co-Branding – BB052

June 18, 2020

Co-Branding and Collaborations with Jordan Hoffart and Fish Scales

Find Jordan Hoffart and Black Plague Brewing

Website: blackplaguebrewing.com  // Instagram: @blackplaguebrewing

Find Fish Scales and Atlantucky Brewing

Website: atlantucky.com  // Instagram: @atlantucky

The idea of collaborations between breweries has proven to be a successful way to promote brands and your beer. I wanted to take a look at some ways that other industries, brands, and celebrities are collaborating in the beer industry to reach new customers. Jordan Hoffart is a professional skater that co-founded Black Plague Brewing. Hoffart and Black Plague created a collab. beer with Tony Hawk, cleverly named Tony Hawps – Birdhouse IPA.  Fish Scales comes from the music world and the successful group Nappy Roots. Fish Scales, being a brewer himself, has collaborated with a number of breweries and has come up with some great ways to promote those beers and brands.

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