2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards – BB055

January 15, 2021

2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards with Jim McCune and Jackie DiBella

Find the CBMAs online: craftbeermarketingawards.com  // Instagram: @craftbeermarketingawards

I was honored to be asked to participate in judging the 2021 CBMAs. Since the CBMA organization and awards started last year, I thought it was about time we learned more about them and spread information about the awards. Deadline for the 2021 entries is coming up on January 29th, so make sure you check out all the categories you can enter!

Talking points:

  • Bringing together creative and marketing folks in the industry
  • Raising awareness and learning about successful marketing
  • Recognizing branding and marketing for the beer industry
  • Highlighting unique categories, such as Pandemic Marketing and Human Rights.
  • Sustainability in the industry


“How are you getting people’s attention? How are you getting them to buy your beer, get them through the door, wear your merch out. This is a super hole in the industry and now we can really recognize everybody that is apart of it.” – Jackie DiBella

“We wanted to make sure it was something that brewers would really want to showcase, really encapsulate the industry, how cool it is, and how much work and passion they put into everything they do from brewing the beer to packaging and labeling it.” – Jim McCune

“The CBMAs is drawing together this community that’s never existed. They’re all out there in disparate worlds of “we do merch” “we do tap handles” and “we’re a social media agency” and “we’re an illustrator.”  We’re kind of pulling this together into this network…and really creating this little family.” – Jim McCune

“When we went virtual…there were a bunch of breweries who were live-streaming in the brewery to their teams as we were announcing winners, which was awesome.” – Jackie DiBella

“The feedback we got was all honestly great. When people had comments or ideas we had a whole document. I would say 90% of the ideas got applied to this year and people are noticing. It’s a very cool thing.” – Jackie DiBella

“A big part for me is the sustainable stuff. I love to see tap handles and t-shirts that use reclaimed materials. That’s a big thing in our industry…We have met just incredible people that care about each other and the world.” – Jim McCune


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