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Sustainability of Plastics in Beer – BB042

July 29, 2019

Mass Brew Bros on recycling and sustainability in beer

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There are a many different ways and angles to better sustainability in beer. Many breweries are taking steps to be more eco-friendly, but there is also an important role that beer drinkers can play.  Education on the consumer side can help elevate better practices, and also play part in the sustainability process.

Take for instance the use of plastics in the market.

We’re all familiar with PakTech can carriers. Did you know that PackTechs usually require special handling and often cannot be thrown in your city’s recycling?

Consider the amount of one-time use cups at beer festivals or events. Sometimes we get a false sense of sustainability because these cups are marked as compostable, or made from corn-based plastic.

Educating ourselves and being able to avoid greenwashing can help create demand for better sustainability and also help our environment.

Rob Van, along with his partner Bob Kelley, started promoting breweries in Massachusetts and connecting drinkers with good beer. The results of their efforts have come together on the website MassBrewBros.com.  Rob caught my attention on Twitter with an article he wrote on this topic. Listen in as Rob breaks down some knowledge on recycling and what we can do as drinkers to better sustainability in beer.

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