Creative South meets Branding Brews

November 09, 2017

Jason Frostholm with Creative South joins for a special crossover episode!

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Website:  //  Twitter: @creativesopod  //  Facebook: @CreativeSoPod

Twitter: @jfrostholm  //  Dribbble:  //  Instagram: @jfrostholm

Hey there friends, welcome back.

I don’t have a deep thoughts kind of introduction for this episode, because it is something unique and new for this show. I listen to a lot of various podcasts and design podcasts are a good chunk of what I listen to. One of those is the Creative South Podcast.

On one of those occasional awesome moments on Twitter, our two podcasts were able to connect and start a conversation around doing a crossover episode.

If you’re a designer, this episode will be more aligned to your interests. I get an opportunity to dive into who I am, what my l professional history is, and how I got to the Branding Brews Podcast.

The other half of this crossover is with Jason Frostholm and the Creative South Podcast. Jason is also a graphic designer that shares a similar background. Creative South, while it has a rad podcast, is a creative design conference in the south. If you’re a designer, Creative South Podcast has interviewed some awesome designers and covered a variety of topics as well.

On another note for episodes this month, we are releasing an extra episode and not on the normal schedule. The next episode is also a special recording where the Market The Brew Podcast and the Branding Brews Podcast come together for a special release.

So, let’s try something new here and get started with this crossover interview on this episode of Branding Brews.

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